Wednesday, 16 January 2019

How to Record Terminal Session via Termux on Android

Hi every body, to night I will show you How to Record Terminal Session via Termux on Android simple way and off course without watermark on video.

So you need to install termux on your android phone and you can find it on google playstore, don't forget install termux-API.

After apk is installed, you need to following this command above. Please type :
$ pkg install update && install upgrade
$ pkg install git
$ pkg install asciinema

Record and share your terminal sessions, the right way.
Forget screen recording apps and blurry video. Enjoy a lightweight, purely text-based approach to terminal recording.

Supports Linux, macOS and *BSD

How it Working?

Please follow command bellow:
$ asciinema rec [filename]
When recorder is start you will see a green font  like this :
~ Asciicast recording started.
~ Hit Ctrl-D or type "exit" to finish.
if you want to finish you recorder, just hit Ctrl+D or exit and show notify like this:
~ Asciicast recording finished.
so if you want to play the video  has been record, just type:
$ asciinema play [filename] 
So if you forget the file name please type "ls" and enter, then see the list of filename you have been record.

Watch full to more understanding :D or follow the web to learn more ... see yaa

Monday, 14 January 2019

How to Install The Linux Distribution Penetration Testing Tool in One Click Via Termux on Android

Hi This time I will share a tutorial on how to install the Linux distribution penetration testing tool in one click on Android via the Application Called "Termux".

Take it easy this tutorial "Does Not Require ROOTed device" and does not require large memory because this tutorial can be for Android phones if it is not wrong 4.4 or 5 and above.

Installing Lazymux

The following is an explanation of the video that I posted above and what I have to install first before installing "Lazymux"

Packages Requirements:

pkg install git
pkg install python2
pkg install wget

Install Lazymux Packages From Github:

git clone

Check Packages Lazymux on Directory:

dir -a or ls

Open Folder Lazymux on Directory:

cd Lazymux [case sensitive]

Run Lazymux Execute by Phyton2:


Now you done.

Make your sure For more details before installing, watch video tutorial here:

Congrt :)

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Top Proxy Squid 2019 Untuk Internet Gratis Tunnel SSH Http Injektor

Hello Gretongan Hahaha ... Maaf", kali nih saya kan bagi-bagi Proxy Squid 2017 Untuk Internet Gratis Tunnel SSH Http Injektor update yg masih angat dan mungkin akan hangat trus yah, siapa tau punya pemanas hehe.

Pada kesempatan kali ini Saya akan sediakan beberapa List Squid.

Proxy Squid Checker Here

Proxy List Pertama
Berdasarkan postingan teman-teman di WA Group ini list proxy squid 200 OK

List Kedua

List Ketiga 
Disini kamu Bisa Check Sendiri mulai dari Type, RTime, Availability, Country dll.

Selengkapnya ada di websitenya HERE

More Proxy di websitenya HERE

Sekian dulu, lain kali saya akan update lagi. Jangan Lupa Like Fans Page Facebook Anonymous Connection yah. 

Monday, 22 October 2018

3 Best Proxy Seeker Apps 2019

3 Best Proxy Seeker Apps 2019 have been posted in other my blog with name so this post is reposting. But Dont worry, I share this post because the site is my site so if any one complaine that is me to wkwkwk ... JOKE!

1.  Proxy Scanner Free For Computer PC

Http Proxy Scanner is the software that helps to find HTTP proxy servers. It can scan up to 10,000 IP addresses per second.

Http Proxy Scanner is a free software application from the Firewall & Proxy Servers subcategory, part of the Servers category. The app is currently available in English and it was last updated on 2011-11-12. The program can be installed on Win2000, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinServer, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP.

Http Proxy Scanner (version 1.6.0) has a file size of 2.34 MB and is available for download from our website. Just click the green Download button above to start. Until now the program was downloaded 6047 times. We already checked that the download link to be safe, however for your own protection we recommend that you scan the downloaded software with your antivirus.

2. Proxy Checker Android

Aplicación que le ayudan a probar tus proxy http/https, la aplicación tiene los siguientes características: 

  • Compruebe si el proxy funciona. 
  • Prueba si el proxy es anónimo. 
  • Prueba el tiempo de respuesta del proxy. 
  • Compruebe si el proxy está en una lista negra. 
  • Información general acerca de proxy: Zona horaria, Ciudad, Estado/Región, País y Código Postal. 
  • Muestra tu IP real.
Descarga proxy de

Okey Just Say Sorry about this post .... and thanks :D 

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Fast Proxy Server List HTTP Proxies (Timeout 3 sec)

Fast Proxy Server List containing verified L1/L2/L3 HTTP Proxies (Timeout 3 sec)

Check Report (IP:Port):

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Proxy and Direct Connection vs SSL/TSL Connection

Does have the Proxy  privileges? Yes, if you're running out of quota, and bandwidth starts to narrow. Don't you believe?

Now I will prove it with some tools from Back | Track 5 and Windows. Among them are Etherape, Network Proxy Manager, and Proxy Switcher.

In the previous post, I've explained about how to find a Proxy that matches your network using Proxy Switcher. After getting the proxy, you can start trying the difference between Proxy and Direct Connection.

Straight to

Open Network Proxy Manager by selecting System -> Preferences -> Network Proxy

Select Dirrect Internet Connection. In this option, you are using a direct connection to a website. Or do not use Proxy. Do not forget to install your Etherape with the following command: apt-get install update, then apt-get install etherape. After etherape is installed, open etherape with navigation Applications -> Internet -> Etherape.
If you are using a dial-up modem, then Select Capture-> Interface -> ppp0 — Then Etherape will start scanning any connections that occur on the ppp0 interface.

I'm opening facebook, and seen modem start contacting some sites to load web pages. Usually the sites in this contact, is an advertising site.

Then what to do with slowing down the modem performance? It is obvious that the modem is getting distracted by contacting many websti just for loading one page, not to mention if you open multiple websites at a time. This is what makes your internet connection slow.

So what if we use a modem?

It appears that I only contact two IP addresses, even though I open 4 sites at once. This is what makes your modem work faster, because he only calls 2 IP addresses.

So what do two IP addresses do? Of course download the data, and give it to you. This means that he is connecting like picture one (without proxy). Interested?

Direct SSL/TLS connection

When a browser creates a direct secure connection with an origin server, there are no HTTP CONNECT requests.

The first HTTP request sent on such a connection is already encrypted. In most cases, Squid is out of the loop: Squid knows nothing about that connection and cannot block or proxy that traffic. The reverse proxy and interception exceptions are described below.

Direct SSL/TLS connection to a reverse proxy

Squid-2.5 and later can terminate TLS or SSL connections. You must have built with --enable-ssl. See https_port for more information. Squid-3.5 and later autodetect the availability of GnuTLS library and enable the functionality if available. OpenSSL or LibreSSL must be enabled explicitly with the --with-openssl configure option. If the library is installed in a non-standard location you may need to use the --with-foo=PATH configure option. See configure --help for details.

This is perhaps most useful in a surrogate (aka, http accelerator, reverse proxy) configuration. Simply configure Squid with a normal reverse proxy configuration using port 443 and SSL certificate details on an https_port line.

Bumping direct SSL/TLS connections

{X} WARNING: {X} HTTPS was designed to give users an expectation of privacy and security. Decrypting HTTPS tunnels without user consent or knowledge may violate ethical norms and may be illegal in your jurisdiction. Squid decryption features described here and elsewhere are designed for deployment with user consent or, at the very least, in environments where decryption without consent is legal.

These features also illustrate why users should be careful with trusting HTTPS connections and why the weakest link in the chain of HTTPS protections is rather fragile. Decrypting HTTPS tunnels constitutes a man-in-the-middle attack from the overall network security point of view. Attack tools are an equivalent of an atomic bomb in real world: Make sure you understand what you are doing and that your decision makers have enough information to make wise choices.

A combination of Squid NAT Interception, SslBump, and associated features can be used to intercept direct HTTPS connections and decrypt HTTPS messages while they pass through a Squid proxy.

This allows dealing with HTTPS messages sent to the origin server as if they were regular HTTP messages, including applying detailed access controls and performing content adaptation (e.g., check request bodies for information leaks and check responses for viruses). Configuration mistakes, Squid bugs, and malicious attacks may lead to unencrypted messages escaping Squid boundaries.

Currently, Squid-to-client traffic on intercepted direct HTTPS connections cannot use Dynamic Certificate Generation, leading to browser warnings and rendering such configurations nearly impractical. This limitation will be addressed by the bump-server-first project.

From the browser point of view, intercepted messages are not sent to a proxy. Thus, general interception limitations, such as inability to authenticate requests, apply to bumped intercepted transactions as well.

Encrypted browser-Squid connection

While HTTPS design efforts were focused on end-to-end communication, it would also be nice to be able to encrypt the browser-to-proxy connection (without creating a CONNECT tunnel that blocks Squid from accessing and caching content). This would allow, for example, a secure use of remote proxies located across a possibly hostile network.

Squid can accept regular proxy traffic using https_port in the same way Squid does it using an http_port directive. Unfortunately, popular modern browsers do not permit configuration of TLS/SSL encrypted proxy connections. There are open bug reports against most of those browsers now, waiting for support to appear. If you have any interest, please assist browser teams with getting that to happen.

Mean while, tricks using stunnel or SSH Tunnels are required to encrypt the browser-to-proxy connection before it leaves the client machine. These are somewhat heavy on the network and can be slow as a result.


The Chrome browser is able to connect to proxies over SSL connections if configured to use one in a PAC file or command line switch. GUI configuration appears not to be possible (yet).

More details at


The Firefox 33.0 browser is able to connect to proxies over TLS connections if configured to use one in a PAC file. GUI configuration appears not to be possible (yet), though there is a config hack for embedding PAC logic.

There is still an important bug open: Using a client certificate authentication to a proxy:

If you have trouble with adding trust for the proxy cert, there is a process by Patrick McManus to workaround that.

I hove that usefull and thanks for visit my simple blog :D :')

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Tips Mencari Proxy Gratisan Untuk Internet Gratis

Hello Everybody, today I'am gonna show you how to find free proxy and using it to free surfing / browsing Anonymously and you cant using itbto h4*k something you want so dont worry about police wkwkwkw ... oh come on Iam just kidding.

Udah bahasa inggrisnya hehe, tuh hanya intro aja buat pengunjung blog dari Rusia sana.

So, kali ini saya ajan sharibg Tips Mencari Proxy Gratisan Untuk Internet Gratis dengan menggunakan aplikasi atau tanpa menggunakan aplikasi. Penasaran caranya seperti apa? Yuk kita simak yuk ... !

Berikut adalah tips mencari proxy gratisan untuk internetan secara free DAN ada beberapa hal yang harus anda ketahui yang dimana Proxy gratis bisa anda langsung gunakan dengan artian Anda bisa menggunakan proxy tersebut langsung menyetingnya pada browser tetapi anda harus menemukan jenis proxy socket Karena itulah trik yang bisa anda gunakan saat ini akan tetapi bagi kamu yang berkedudukan di Indonesia yang harus anda temukan adalah jenis proxy bertipe http karena proxy tersebut nantinya akan kita gunakan dan modulasi kan dengan beberapa contoh penggunaan bug server yang sudah saya bahas sebelumnya dan berikut adalah cara mencari proxy yang benar dan akurat dan cepat dan serta efisien.

Pada tahap yang pertama  silahkan anda  kunjungi dulu situs yang saya rekomendasikan DISINI.

Anda perhatikan lagi gambar di atas silakan Anda copy paste daftar proxy yang muncul pada halaman tersebut dan simpan pada Notepad pada komputer anda atau Anda bisa menggunakan beberapa website yang memberikan Proxy gratis tetapi saya hanya bisa merekomendasikan pada alamat yang sesuai disana kita bisa melihat respon maupun outputstream dari server proxy tersebut yang di antaranya menggunakan metode GET, POST, CONNECT itu saja dulu.

Pada tahap 1 ini pastikan anda masih menggunakan koneksi premium atau koneksi internet berbayar Karena untuk mengumpulkan proxy Proxy tersebut Anda harus menggunakan koneksi internet terlebih dahulu kemudian Jika anda sudah melakukan tahap 1 ini silahkan Matikan koneksi internet Anda dan silakan ganti kartu pada modem anda dengan sim card atau kartu yang tidak ada pulsanya sama sekali atau tidak ada paket datanya sama sekali karena untuk melihat hasil aslinya proxy ini bisa anda temukan Ketika anda tidak menggunakan koneksi internet yang berbayar atau Premium dan silahkan langsung melanjutkan ke poin 2 dibawah.

Untuk Tips atau cara lain silakan Anda unduh dulu  atau download dulu yang namanya program dan utilitas dari multi proxy yang bisa Anda temukan di google search atau kunjungi situs yang mana sumber referensi dalam postingan ini. 

Semoga Bermanfaat ... See yaahhh ... @proxyfree93

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Fast Proxy Server List containing verified L1/L2/L3 HTTP Proxies

Fast Proxy Server List containing verified L1/L2/L3 HTTP Proxies (Timeout 3 sec)

Check Report (IP:Port):        =>MORE PROXY WEB<=

Fast Proxy Dicek dan difilter dengan menggunakan proxyfiet master suite (timeout 5 sec)

Source :