Sunday, 4 March 2018

Free Proxy 2018 Faster and Anonymously

Free Proxy 2018 Faster and Anonymously is a real free proxy and will make your connection to be anonymously. Just try to set on your Access Point Name <APN> on your device (Android) or set manual on your VPN Aplication.

So let me show that proxy !

Free Proxy + APN For Internet Access 2018 - Only Some Proxy Gang - by Khalifah in the latest post to say Hello world hopefully smooth connection and of course by "anonymously connection" with proxy-proxy tested especially in Indonesia Makassar.
In this caliphate post, only a few proxies will post the Caliph of course Free Proxy which while I use who does not liable is likely to die "coid" anytime.

This proxy I use along with the apk that I Relize that can be downloaded friend Unlimited Pro v2.6.
APN: internet

Proxy :

Port: 80

User: leave blank

Password: leave blank

Server: blank (Recomended)

Autentication type: PAP or CHAP

APN type: default,supl

Protocol APN: IPv4
If you want to use more complicated settings Pake KPN Rev Latest in Playstore there or can also Download it in New Blog Khalifah.

So see yah ... !

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